In order to inculcate, among the students, The sense of belongingness, art of competitiveness and the team spirit, an activity oriented system called ‘House System’ is carried on. All the students of the school have been grouped into four houses called Cheras, Chozhas, Pandiyas and Pallavas in the names of the ancient great kingdoms of the South India.

The houses are headed by chief animators from the educators side and by the captain and vice captain from the students side. They coordinate Inter house competitions throughout the academic year. All the norms for the participation are informed well in advance and the winning students contribute points to their house concerned.

1 ½ hours in a week is provided for the activities of these houses. During this time the students are taught to make Handicraft articles especially from waste, use and throw materials. Simply to say that they are taught to make ‘Wealth from Waste’.

The articles made by the students throughout the year are exhibited to the parents and public. This exhibition cum sales programme is named ‘Extroverts Explo’. Every activity of this programme is designed and carried democratically. That is this programme is entirely of the pupils, for the pupils and by the pupils.

The students are the producers, directors and actors of the show. The entire process like Making, Finishing, Fixing the Prices and Marketing are carried out by the students themselves. All the proceeds earned from this progamme is to be donated to any Home for the needy and unfortunates by the representatives of the students.