Take-won-do, a martial art, is taught to our children as it besides delivering sound physical exercise, teaches self-confidence and respect, respect for others and for one self. In children, these are exceptionally important life skills, especially for those who do not mature physically as fast as others.

Take- won- do for children emphasizes respect for their parents and other adults. When parents realize this, their relationships with their children remain balanced and calm as they grow and enter into traditionally rebellious years.



It’s a traditional art of Tamil Nadu. We teach our children as it becomes very much necessary for the young generation to protect themselves. It does not mean that only benefit is self protection but besides which has the following health benefits also. Through this we can bring a great change in the overall development of the youth, the next generation.

A good cardio workout; improves blood circulation and burns calories.Improves memory; mental strength and agility.Relieves stress and fatigue; improves body flexibility.Improves hand-muscle co ordination and handwriting.Prevents practitioners from taking up smoking or drinking.