Pupils must be punctual for all classes on every working day. Late comers should not enter the class room without the written permission of the principal. No pupil may absent himself / herself without obtaining prior permission.

A student absenting him / herself from school for one week in succession without permission will be marked “LEFT” in the registers. If he / she is willing to continue, has to pay a re-admission fee of Rs. 200/-

A student who avails sick / medical leave, if it exceeds 3 days he / she will have to submit a medical certificate while he / she rejoins. If he / she suffered with any contagious disease they have to produce a fitness certificate from the medical officer.




The students are expected to be in

*Appropriate uniform prescribed for the working days with black shoes and brown socks.*On every Wednesday and Saturday sports dress with white canvas shoes and white socks.

All the girls should wear black slip and black shorts compulsorily.



The children should always wear neat, clean prescribed uniform.Personal cleanliness and hygiene are greatly recommended to all.Pupils are expected to be present for the morning assembly at 9.00a.m. (Reporting time is 8.50 a.m.) Strict silence is to be observed during prayers and while going to the class after the assembly.Every student should attend the Mass Prayer which is conducted on Fridays.Pupils are not allowed to leave the school premises during the school hours without the permission of the principal and a letter from the parent.Objectionable literature is not allowed into the school. Action will be taken against those found guilty of bringing such literature to the school.Parents are expected to be cooperative with the school by enforcing regularity, punctuality and discipline and by taking daily interest in their children’s progress.Pupils are strictly forbidden to come to school wearing gold ornaments. It is not advisable for pupils to have money or valuable articles with them.Pupils should not write or scribble on the walls, throw paper or ink around the class room or in any way damage the school property. Those found guilty will be heavily fined. They should use the bins specially provided for the purpose.Irregular attendance, habitual late attendance, idleness, and bad behaviour justify dismissal.Parents are requested not to enter the class to speak to teacher during class hours. Parents who seek information should call at the office for it.Pupil suffering from infectious or contagious diseases shall not be allowed to attend the school. When the student comes back he / she should provide a fitness certificate from a medical officer.Parents are expected to cooperate with school authorities in enforcing regularity and discipline.Parents and guardians are especially requested to notify the school if there is any change in their address, telephone numbers, mail ids, etc.The members of the staff should be seen in their free periods only by previous appointment. (Emergencies are exempted from previous permission)Filled in identity certificate and declaration forms should be returned to the school in seven days after the distribution of the diary. It should be duly signed.There is a fine system followed to levy on uniform defaulters, defaulters of discipline and on continuous late comers.Parents are particularly expected to abide by the rules and regulations of the school.