Who we are

Fable daycare, preschool, and kindergarten

Welcome to Jeeva Public School. We aim to provide holistic education in a stress free, supportive and safe environment.

We also aim to follow innovative educational methods, experimental and adoptive curriculum coupled with efficient teachers and excellent infrastructure.The ultimate aim is to sculpt Humans. Every activity of the school is designed simply but to impart the traditional values and our culture strongly into the young minds.We endeavour with the support of the management and cordial cooperation with the parents in achieving the vision and mission of the school.

Message from PRINCIPAL

From the Root to Buds to Achieve their Dreams.

‘Leaders are not born they are made’. Every child is blessed with potential skills. Each skill can be flashed only if there is a chance. The creativity in them is to be triggered out otherwise it might be hidden forever. If it’s not possible at schooling later the platform will have a rough surface and they may not find themselves who they are. So, we framed a curriculum with a very special care on the young minds, the future generation and the need of our nation.

As it is said by Neil Armstrong "This might be a small step for us but a giant leap for the mankind". We strongly believe that our trials will make a remarkable change in the society as little drops make a mighty ocean.