Curriculum of the school is designed specially for mind, body and spirit

The curriculum of the school is designed specially, giving equal importance to co curricular activities.

Physical exercise is good for mind, body and spirit. Furthermore team sports are good for learning accountability, dedication and leadership among many other traits. So we allot time for co curricular activities in the day to day schedule. This brought positive effects of our children’s participation in learning the important life skills of goal setting and time management combined with enjoyment, the development of a strong sense of morality and the development of an appreciation of diversity.

We provide all the activities for every child of our school without any discrimination whether they are affordable or not. This resulted in

Greater development in personal confidence and self esteem Greater connections with school Stronger peer relationships Greater family attachment More frequent interactions with the parents Greater involvement in volunteer work Appreciable performance and achievements in intra and inter school competitions and Higher grades of expectations and attainment.

We believe strongly that art and sports play a major role in youth development and they would bring a tremendous positive change in the society.


Bilateral Coordination, Fine Motor Coordination, Self Regulation, Self Esteem Booster, Bonding and Fun

We have added Art & Craft in our curriculum with a greater interest as it serves very well in building life skills in the children especially in the early childhood. They are taught the basic sketches to draw anything at their own creation as the basic important benefits that are bilateral Coordination, Fine Motor Coordination, Self Regulation, Self Esteem Booster, Bonding and Fun could be served by the learning of Art & Craft


Equal to the academic the life skills education


powerful medium for developing the personality of children and making them capable of facing the present-day challenges and problems.


most comprehensive lifestyle exercise programs available to children, incorporating strength, flexibility, speed, balance, coordination, power, and discipline.


Development in creative thinking, helps to learn teamwork and creates a Better self confidence in developing the skills of the younger generation


dance steps to all the students not to a selected group or interested only because Dance is a powerful ally for developing many of the attributes of a growing child.


Holistic Education in a stress free, supportive and safe environment


Take-won-do, a martial art, is taught to our children as it besides delivering sound physical exercise, teaches self-confidence and respect, respect for others and for one self. In children, these are exceptionally important life skills, especially for those who do not mature physically as fast as others.

Take- won- do for children emphasizes respect for their parents and other adults. When parents realize this, their relationships with their children remain balanced and calm as they grow and enter into traditionally rebellious years.


It’s a traditional art of Tamil Nadu. We teach our children as it becomes very much necessary for the young generation to protect themselves. It does not mean that only benefit is self protection but besides which has the following health benefits also. Through this we can bring a great change in the overall development of the youth, the next generation.

A good cardio workout; improves blood circulation and burns calories. Improves memory; mental strength and agility. Relieves stress and fatigue; improves body flexibility. Improves hand-muscle co ordination and handwriting. Prevents practitioners from taking up smoking or drinking.


Holistic Education in a stress free, supportive and safe environment

In order to inculcate, among the students, The sense of belongingness, art of competitiveness and the team spirit, an activity oriented system called ‘House System’ is carried on. All the students of the school have been grouped into four houses called Cheras, Chozhas, Pandiyas and Pallavas in the names of the ancient great kingdoms of the South India.

The houses are headed by chief animators from the educators side and by the captain and vice captain from the students side. They coordinate Inter house competitions throughout the academic year. All the norms for the participation are informed well in advance and the winning students contribute points to their house concerned.

1 ½ hours in a week is provided for the activities of these houses. During this time the students are taught to make Handicraft articles especially from waste, use and throw materials. Simply to say that they are taught to make ‘Wealth from Waste’.

The articles made by the students throughout the year are exhibited to the parents and public. This exhibition cum sales programme is named ‘Extroverts Explo’. Every activity of this programme is designed and carried democratically. That is this programme is entirely of the pupils, for the pupils and by the pupils.

The students are the producers, directors and actors of the show. The entire process like Making, Finishing, Fixing the Prices and Marketing are carried out by the students themselves. All the proceeds earned from this progamme is to be donated to any Home for the needy and unfortunates by the representatives of the students.


It is greatly applauded by the parents and the people living around the school and attained its pinnacle of success. It plays a very good role of developing the students’ marketing skill, their social behaviour, communicative skill and self confidence to face the ups and downs of life, knowledge on recycle usage or utilization of waste materials etc.

It also brings the positive effects of participation in learning the important life skills of Goal setting and time management combined with enjoyment. It serves better in developing a strong sense of morality. Certainly it would serve better in the self employment system.

It helps us to develop the psycho social side of the children in the school structure; every student needs to have a ‘sense of belonging is grown best by involvement and participation. A sense of belonging develops confidence in each learner which encourages ‘self esteem’. Involvement and participation are the best achievements of our house system.

As it is said by W.B.Henry, “every charitable act is a stepping stone towards heaven” each house member contributes their own share for charity that they work hard throughout the year and raises sufficient amount of money.


We do understand that the educational institutions are in the greater responsible position in changing the present scenario and to play a vital role in the youth development we have to take care of this issue to a considerable extent.

As a stepping stone to solve this issue our school gives equal importance to sports activities. It has a wide play ground with the area of 16582sq.mtrs (2.9 acres). We also have a safe, well equipped play park for our cute kids. We provide 3periods for Grade VI to VIII, 4 periods for Grade IV and V and 5 periods for Grade I and II in a week for physical education.

Innovative education

Aims to follow innovative educational methods, experimental and adoptive curriculum coupled with efficient teachers and excellent infrastructure.

Sculpt Humans

The ultimate aim is to sculpt Humans. Every activity of the school is designed simply but to impart the traditional values and our culture strongly into the young minds.

Parental Endeavour

We endeavour with the support of the management and cordial cooperation with the parents in achieving the vision and mission of the school.